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Okay so were getting ready to go for the Spring of 2000, congratulations, you made it to a new Century.

Lets begin, first of all, honoring land owners requests, make sure you follow their instructions explicitly, remember your only here because you have asked permission, right?

People are very finicky about their lawns, my wife included, so make sure and describe exactly what you intend to do, we all know of course, that we want to rip the damn lawn apart to find a coin or other relic, but don't display this toward your host, and God, don't gripe about dog droppings!

Just another pain we have to work around or step in, yech! Treat the host's lawn better than your own, and I mean much better! If it become an invasion of privacy matter, arrange your schedule to avoid any conflict, for example; I'll search only between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10 a. m., Don't press the issue!

I have a potentially great site to search, but I need to convince the Lady of the Household, her Husband had previously given the okay, but when I arrived, he said,"You have to see my Wife," bad tidings, she refused me twice so far, but not to be a pain in the butt, I'll only ask one more time, I have a plan outlined to demonstrate to her personally just what we do, and if necessary to offer to display all I should find. (Grin) Maybe this time I can convince her that I'm to be trusted!!! Regardless, I'll give it the best try, and if no arises again, then that's it!

We must maintain a good reputation for our hobby/sport, and to do this we must adhere to what our host's want, just make everything clear up front, and do not go beyond what you and they agreed to, a little inside secret, (Carry some old 'wheaties', you don't really care about and display them upon asking , what have you found?) Devious, yes, but better than giving up the find of a life time. If the host insists upon watching you closely and you think you hit a good find, just note it in your mind or even keep a note pad with you to indicate a potential hot spot!

Note: I am not a dishonest person, but I do believe in finding things that the actual owner would never have found any ways, and yes, keeping them for myself or posterity.

Do I feel guilt, Yes, and mostly I willing display my finds to the land owner, why? Because, I never want to be accused of being a thief or cheat, just my belief. Have a great season folks, and encourage others to join in this great pass time, especially the younger kids, who appear idle, but are full of energy, gives them something to do and all finds are good finds. Tom Money.