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One of the first things I did when I first purchased a metal detector was to go around and ask friends and relatives if they had lost anything that needed finding. About a week later my brother called and said he had lost his wedding ring in the garden. A quick trip and the ring was recovered.

Later that summer, another brother called and said his wedding ring had fallen off his finger into shallow water at the of the dock at his vacation property. I found myself looking for it a couple weeks later. Since my detector is not an underwater variety, I detached the control box and held it on the dock while I sweep the coil back and forth. Sure enough the ring was recovered.

Come winter, my third brother called and said his ring had fallen into a deep snow pile while he was shoveling his walk. Another quick trip and again the ring was found. Finaly, having had the detector for nearly a year, my wife told me that she had lost a gold ring when she was in junior high school in the backyard of her parents home. As soon as the weather warmed, I went to her parents former house and gained permission from the current owner to search the back yard. I found a metal cap gun, the head of a water faucet, the end off a hose and a gold ring, well, a gold colored ring anyway.

A thick band with verticle serations, yes it matched her description of the lost ring. Returning with her ring, wy wife was very surprised that I had found it and that it was a fairly cheap plated ring and I found out the rest of the story. It seems this ring was given to her by her "first real boyfriend" who swore it to be gold and thus representitive of his undying love. "He was a wimp" she said, "and a cheapskate to boot judging by the ring