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This story begins is 1978, I was just ten years old. I had spent the summer with my grandparents in eastern Kentucky. Those summers spent with my grandparents were always special. My grandfather owned and operated a motorcycle dealership and on the side he did a bit of excavation work. My grandmother owned and operated a small grocery store and a bookstore. So as you can imagine there was always something to do.

As the summer was coming to an end we had all planed to meet up at the houseboat my grandparents owner on a lake in Tennessee. We arrived at the lake at about 2 a.m. The dock was practically deserted. At the time the houseboat was tied up to a buoy in the middle of the lake. So we needed to find a way from the dock to the boat. We waited around on the dock for what seemed like forever until a young man in a small john boat came by. My grandfather offered the guy ten-dollars to give us a ride out to the houseboat; he happily obliged. So we started loading the small boat with all the luggage, food and four people and off we went across the lake in the middle of the night in a boat with a weight capacity of about six hundred pounds loaded with about nine hundred pounds. Needless to say it was an accident waiting to happen. We made it about half way to the houseboat when all hell broke loss. The small boat started filling up with water and within a matter of seconds the small boat had sunk along with everything else. I remember hearing my grandmother saying, "I canít hold on to my purse." as we were screaming for help. As you can imagine me as a young boy of ten years I was scared to death. Floating in the middle of a lake in the dead of night looking around I saw something floating. As I grabbed it I noticed it was a ten-dollar bill I spotted another this one was a twenty. It seemed like there was money everywhere. After what seemed like forever my dad and uncle finally rescued us. After making it safely to the houseboat we unloaded our pockets of the money we had grabbed in the middle of the lake it turned out to be around three hundred dollars. A fraction of what had been lost. The rest of the story is that my grandmother had brought with her a weeks deposits from the store. She had also brought with here a large collection of coins. All told she lost in the neighborhood of five thousand dollars in bills and coins that night. Talking with my grandmother some months back we reminisced about the incident. She said most of the money was in a waterproof moneybag and the coins were silver dollars and halves she also told me along with the money and coins she had lost her collage class ring that was inside the purse. She said if anyone found the purse the only thing she would want back would be the ring.

Iíve pondered over this for many years. I know exactly where the boat sank and have a pretty good idea what I could find. The boat dock its self was moved a few years back. The only problems I think I might have are an abundance of junk; the dock had been at that location for many years. The second and most important problem is I donít know how to scuba dive and to be honest swimming around on the bottom of a lake where an old boat dock us to be kind of scares me. And third I donít have an under water detector. So until I can gather all the resources necessary to get the sunken treasure it will remain at the bottom of the lake.