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There I was, adding to one of the greatest pull-tab collections in these United States, but since I have learned how to eliminate those little devils with my ACE 250, I was right on top of a good signal. As I removed it from the ground, I had found another washer, the size of a nickel. It went right into my trash pouch. After about one hour later I was washing my finds, the washer was a coin with writing all over it. I could make out maybe Chinese or something like that. I took it to work where I asked around to see if anyone could read Chinese, sure enough, one did.

She told me it was from the Chiang Lung Dynasty, very old she said. I went to the computer to look up this coin, after two hundred thousand different illustrations I was able to see that it was made, not stamped, but cast in bronze around 1796 to 1799. What a find, maybe worth one dollar I was told. I guess I will ask around, a dealer, to see if that holds any truth.

Anyway I was excited and that is how I approach metal detection, you never know what you are going to find, I study my detector readings before I dig. I donít believe in digging for a penny in 6 to 8Ē of Texas black gumbo at 100+ degrees at 62 years of age.

Good luck and God Bless to everyone in the MD world.


Dennis Powell