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Have you ever found something you lost or buried as a kid? Well I did Friday. When I was a kid I grew up in a children's Home or orphanage. I went back there because I had been thinking of the place for a while and had even did some research on the place. It was first built in 1866 so I just knew it had to have some good stuff buried there.

When I got there a memory came back to me about burying some money when I was about 9 or 10 years old. I didn't remember exactly how much it was but I knew there was 2 or 3 dollars and some change in a band aids box by this big old tree.

Well when I got there the tree had been cut down but the stump was still there so I started swinging around the stump and got a signal right away. It registered as scrap so I knew it was what I had buried because the band aid box was the old metal kind. I dug down about six inches and there it was. The only thing left of the band aid box was part of the lid. I searched the dirt real careful because I didn't remember just what I had put in the box other than the paper dollars and some change. There was no trace of the dollar bills because after 30 years they had rotted away but I did find a 1968 dime and a metal heart that my very first girl friend had given me. Damn, but if that heart didn't bring back some memories. I'm still trying to remember why I buried it in the first place. I think I might have swiped it from one of my brothers and didn't want to get beat up if they found it on me. The heart was the kind that you win at the county fair and is still in good enough shape to still read part of my name.

I also found that the old saying "You can't go home" is true because the place wasn't anything like my memories of it. The dime, heart, and some good memories are all that I found and will probably be the only things I find there cause I don't think I will go back. Having pleasant memories of your childhood burst isn't any fun at all. Rick Kilgore