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BY Howard Hirsch

It was over 8 yrs. ago, I resided in Vancouver ,WA. I hopped on a bus with my metal detector in hand on my way to an old park I had heard about. The bus driver dropped me off at a bus stop off of Millplain Blvd. with a transfer ticket. While waiting for my bus, I decided to check out the green grassy area near the curb, in front of me. I thought I could find some lost bus change. On my first swing, my detector went wild,shouting at me like an angry spouse. I started to Probe, then dig, only to pop up a Gold Ring, I thought Wow what a great find, I had,not even hit the park yet. I sweeped again, and again, and again. Every sweep in the 5 foot square foot area produced Gold and Silver rings, 25 of them as a matter of fact.

How they all got there is a mystery, were they all lost by reaching into pockets for bus change? I guess it does'nt matter, it sure made my day.

H.D. Hirsch