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Trying to work a beach during the active season can be frustrating for beach goers and hunters alike. I have found night hunting to be a relaxing and successful way to enjoy the hobby. A few suggestions to think about before you try it;

1. Safety first. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. If the area isn't secure or you know of hazards, don't go there. Tell someone where you are planning to go.

2. Bring a friend. A cell phone in the pocket is another good idea.

3. I mount a small flashlight on the shaft of the detector, and I place a red lens cover over the bulb. Red light does not destroy your night vision, so when you look up or scan the beach, you won't see dots in front of your eyes.

4. Go on a good clear moonlit night. Stop for a minute and look around. It changes your whole perception of the beach. On a bright night, you can gather coins without the flashlight. Enjoy the sunrise. You will be leaving with all the treasures before your fellow hunters get out of bed.

I tried night hunting intially last year. I was nervous at first, expecting ax murderers or bigfoot behind every rock. I'm so hooked on it now I would rather beach hunt at night than during the day.

Best of luck
Dave Mitchell