(There may be more to the site your detecting then you think)


Across the street from my family business is the little league baseball fields. These fields were built in the late 50's and are still used today. Ever since I was a kid I can remember people metal detecting them every few weeks. When I got into metal detecting this last year I decided to hit the fields. The first few times I found the normal amount of clad. One day while detecting an old timer stopped by and told me that he had searched every inch of that park for the last 40 years and that only clad was left to be found. Well, after hitting this park about five times I was beginning to believe he was right but I figured I was getting a good lesson on learning my new detector.

After reading several articles that suggested searching areas that may be hard to quickly search or maybe out of the obvious I sat down and started thinking about this field. I remembered that as a young child the dads got together and decided the fence needed to be moved out. Since my family had a lumber company with forklifts across the street my dad quickly volunteered to pull up all the post. They then lengthened the field by about 20 feet. I then decided that for years the stands in outfields were once inside the present fence and that I would hit that strip in the outfield. I walked straight out to center field and started my search. After searching for no more than 5 minutes I received a solid signal at 6.5". I dug my plug and lo and behold there was a 53 D Franklin half. A little later I found a 56 rosie at 5". I saw the old timer again and told him of my finds. He told me that he had never considered that the fence had been moved and that the outfield was to obivious a place for him to search.